Spring Cleaning

In a different way!

Although Adam and I have been keeping the Carter nest pretty tidy and in check, (which is a must when you live in a small apartment or else there is literally no space to move and everything seems even more of a cluttered mess in a cramped space), this post is not referring to that kind of cleaning. I'm talking about purging our minds of the junk, y'all! (Okay, I never say y'all. But it works here so I'm keeping it.)

Yeah, that's right: a self-Spring cleaning! When I was younger I thought I would be done growing by now, but the joke was on me: I'm just getting started! I realize that being in my 20's at the stage that I am now in my life has come with a lot of growth and change within me. I know myself better than I ever have, but still have a lot of learning and growing to do. It's exciting! For now, I figured it would be a good time to reflect on this past year and the things I've let go - or, cleansed myself - of, if you will. Here are some things I came up with:

I've learned to let go of people.

I've learned to let go of resentment.

I've learned to let go of the past.

I've learned to accept that I am different now.

I've learned to accept and love myself as I am today.

I look forward to seeing how my mindset transforms over this next year, and how I will have changed by Spring of 2017. :) I encourage everyone to make a list like this as well! I think it'll be so cool to look back on next year. I think we can give ourselves so much crap on our daily basis that we start clouding our perceptions of ourselves. We can fall in the trap of thinking we aren't becoming better or accomplishing anything. This inner, or "self"-Spring cleaning practice is different from New Years resolutions, for example, because it forces us to look back on who we were yesterday and give ourselves credit for what we have purged and conquered within our being to become who we are today. By the way, with Spring being such a proponent for change, what better time to reflect on how we have "blossomed" and what we have "shed" in the process than now? :) I think Adam and I will turn this into a new lil' family tradition.

I want to reflect on the transformations I listed above more in depth as time goes on and maybe eventually write about them, because I think it would be refreshing and therapeutic in a way. If you choose to do this exercise and come up with some things on your Spring Cleaning 2016 list, I'd love if you shared them with me in the comments section! :)

xo E